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Keeping Mentally Fit in Lockdown

This Pandemic feels like a never ending nightmare. Just when you think you've beaten it, it decides to remind you that it's still there, changing itself, becoming more virulent, more dangerous. Here in New Zealand, we've been living in comparative freedom with the rest of the world, a seemingly safe bubble - being able to go outside without a mask and not have to worry about catching this deadly disease. Many of us had stopped using our COVID tracer app when visiting restaurants and other businesses. Even people visiting hospitals weren't wearing masks. While it had been mandatory to mask up while on public transport, even that had slipped.

Then the nightmare returned with the more deadly Delta variant - and with just one case identified on Tuesday, it had suddenly ballooned to thirty one and over a hundred locations of concern within just a few days. We are back in a full lockdown. A masking mandate is in place as soon as you leave the house and only essential trips for food or medical services are permitted.

So how do we get through and defeat what seems like this unending nightmare? On the practical and logical side, to be compliant to the rules now in place so that we slow and ultimately once again, stop the spread of the virus. If people aren't moving around spreading the virus, well then the virus has lost its main mode of transport. How do we battle COVID on the psychological and emotional front?

We engage what's known as our Sage Brain - using the five Sage powers of Empathy, Explore, Innovate, Navigate and Activate.

Start by empathising with the people who have now tested positive. Empathise with people who are financially affected by the lockdown. Explore the options you now have while you're locked down. What can you now do differently?

Although it may seem impossible, look for the gifts and opportunities that may be presenting themselves in the next week or two weeks or however long you have to be locked down.

A group coaching session I was going to run live in two weeks has now gone virtual, which allows me the opportunity to test out a new white-boarding software.

Find innovative new things to do with your time - and actually go and do them!

Do PQ reps - quick 2-3 minute mindfulness exercises.

This will go a long way to boosting your mental fitness over the coming weeks and quiet the doomsayers of your saboteur brain.

Download my E-book - 3 Steps to Becoming Mentally Fit to learn about how to start taking command of your mind!

If you'd like to learn more about developing Empathy, you'll want to enrol in this mini course on Empathy:

Nga Mihi everyone, stay safe!


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