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Case Study 1

Getting the lifestyle she really wanted

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Meet Alex Peacock.

Alex was working as a training manager for a world renowned international bank and enjoying her role but felt that she needed a change in her career. She wasn’t sure what this change would look like or how she would go about enacting it. She had considered a complete career change and returning to part or full time education to retrain but each option she considered seemed to hit a brick wall and she felt stuck. She didn’t know the answer she was looking for and this prevented her from being able to consider options and possibilities.


“I needed someone – a coach – who would enable me to consider possibilities rather than getting stuck on impossibilities.

“Brian asked me many questions and provided me with several useful tools, including the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, which allowed me to think about what I wanted to achieve, the environment I wanted to be working in and the kind of outcomes that would provide both short and long term satisfaction.”


Let Alex tell you in her own words…

While retraining had been her initial objective, when she considered this realistically, Alex found that it didn’t inspire her nearly as much as she thought. As her conversations with Brian progressed, she realized that she still enjoyed the field she was working in – learning and development – and it was the environment that needed to change. She explored the possibility of setting up her own business and ways that she could continue with the aspects of the job that she enjoyed and minimize or eliminate the aspects she did not. She set up her own business in June 2010 and seven years later she is enjoying her work enormously. More importantly, it has allowed her flexibility to work with a wide variety of clients in a variety of countries.


“Brian is very calm in his approach and nothing seems insurmountable. Initially I was hoping he would give me answers but his approach actually allowed me to consider what my real questions were and how I wanted to approach them and solve them myself. Brian’s coaching technique also enabled me to consider a range of options and open my mind to possibilities. I found the actual process quite therapeutic, as well as being delighted with the outcomes.

“I would and have recommended Brian as a coach and a facilitator. He has the experience and the expertise to provide guidance and support but also has the interest in you as a person, to listen to your situation and provide the coaching you need, not just following a prescribed  formula. My career changed dramatically as a direct result of Brian’s coaching and as a result, I have the lifestyle I was seeking!

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