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Team Coaching



  • Are able to organise the complex work that organisations carry out far more effectively than any other alternative yet designed.

  • Provide the bridge between individual employees and the organisation.

  • Provide the much needed focus of activity that meet's the human need for socialisation especially in this time of COVID. 

  • Establish an environment where people can share effort, risk and reward.

  • Afford a sense of common identity, grounded in shared ideas, purpose, stories and attitudes.

  • Give employees an opportunity for conversation, support, recognition.

  • Keep us motivated and raise our self-regard and self esteem.

But, teams don't always live up to their promise.


There is much evidence that many, if not most teams in the workplace do not harness their collective capability to anything like the extent that they could. Failures of structure and process, lack of purpose or commitment, internal conflict, poor leadership and absence of trust sap the team's potential to work at its optimal level. Much of this loss of performance is manageable, if both team members and leaders are minded to reflect intelligently on how they operate and have the skills to do so.

This is where we come in as team coaches.


Teams are typically so busy doing that they have little or no time for reflection. The team coaching that we do helps teams review performance, boost results, improve communication, raise trust, create accountability and commitment and build rapport.

We provide team coaching as a part of the remedy for team performance shortfalls by harnessing a combination of intelligence and curiosity to help teams think through what they are doing and why, how they will integrate individual skill sets and how they will innovate. Team coaching also helps the team ask questions that will stimulate the intellectual dialogue necessary for addressing performance issues effectively.

Using instruments such as the Team Diagnostic Survey we help with the design, launch and ongoing development of the team. Some of the issues we help with include crafting a powerful and compelling purpose for the team, creating team norms with 'teeth', helping the team leader develop a supportive context for team performance and crafting short, medium and long term team strategies.

If you are putting together a new team, restructuring or boosting an existing one, you'll want to consider engaging us as your team coach! Email us now at to start the conversation on how we can partner with you in developing a High Performing, Value Creating Team!

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