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1:1 Executive Coaching

Coaching offers a safe, neutral, and inviting space in which to hear yourself think. You also benefit from a thought partner who teams with you to surface your best thinking around challenges and an accountability partner in executing on your vision and aspirations.

Coaching is a powerful tool for successful executives and high-potential team members: No matter how self-aware we are, we often can’t see a true reflection without a mirror – and as an executive, fewer and fewer people are willing to speak truth to power. As you face life and leadership dilemmas, people around you often have “skin in the game” and may want to bring their own opinions, judgments, and ideas of what’s best into the mix.

My work in coaching is informed by sixteen years of coaching leaders and employees in a variety of industries across Australasia, Asia and Europe, extensive coach training and experience working in public and private sector organisations.

Coaching contracts are tailored to individual circumstances and situations but usually include:

  • Focused introductory meetings to debrief assessments and c0-create a coaching plan

  • Assessments usually include a Jungian Type Instrument such as the MBTI Step II® or Type Coach®, a 360 Instrument such as the Leadership Circle®, An Emotional Intelligence instrument such as the EQ-i 2.0 and the Positive Intelligence Assessment, among others.

  • Ongoing meetings either in person or virtually taking place from between 3 months to a year.

  • Regular communication via email and short phone calls and an online goal tracking system.


As in many skills based services,  pricing is tailored to the level of services provided. 

In Leadership Coaching, it depends on the extent to which i tailor resources, time and the type of coaching you receive.

The bottom line is though, meeting your needs. Get in touch with me to co-create the kind of engagement which will match your needs, make the most of available resources and result in impactful learning for you.

Image by Mor Shani
Mental Fitness Coaching
As a Positive Intelligence (PQ) Pioneer Coach, I have access to the powerful and life changing 6 Week PQ Programme and App. I have integrated this platform into a 7 week Mental Fitness Bootcamp experience available to individuals and teams. Positive intelligence is the measure of your ability to shift from a triggered, negative mindset to a calmer, more balanced perspective that helps you make better decisions.

The PQ Programme offered through my Mental Fitness Bootcamp gives you an accessible framework, common operating language and a very engaging app that form the building blocks for increased emotional and social intelligence, increased ability to leverage strengths, improved communication, reduced stress, and greater resiliency.

I can run your team members through this 7 Week Mental Fitness Bootcamp built around the Positive Intelligence (PQ) Programme and supported by weekly group coaching to jumpstart their learning and increase engagement and practice.

I can also coach you individually through your trail to Mental Fitness. As with the group programme, you will complete the 7 Week Bootcamp and be coached by me each week through your journey.

Intentional Leadership Coaching
My Intentional Leadership coaching programme ensures that you, as a leader are able to deepen your understanding of your own strengths and needs for optimal performance. You will learn to recognise that what may have worked with one team, project or situation may not necessarily work with a different one. You will be called on to examine your strengths, blind spots and priorities through three very powerful lenses: that of personality type, emotional intelligence and leadership responsibilities. We will co-create a personal plan and the processes to complete and use it. You will also learn how to apply the frameworks and tools in each new leadership situation or dilemma you encounter.
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