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The Foundation for Team Coaching

The Team Diagnostic Survey (TDS) is the world's #1 team effectiveness instrument, developed by renowned Harvard practitioners Drs Richard Hackman and Ruth Wageman.

The online survey assesses teams on the 6 conditions of team effectiveness that predict up to 80% of a team's ultimate success. It is the most rigorous and widely validated team effectiveness instrument on the market today.

As accredited practitioners of the TDS, we can ensure that your team gets off to the right start. We can use it as a stand alone assessment for diagnosing your team. We also use it as a foundation and essential component of a team development and team coaching process.

We use it to guide the design, launch and coaching of your team.

The 27 page report it produces includes feedback on the 6 conditions, 3 task processes and 3 team effectiveness outcomes as well as supplementary qualitative and quantitative feedback from the team. This presents you a roadmap for both individual and team development.










We typically use a five step process when integrating the TDS:

Step 1: Team leader and team member interviews

Step 2: Team members complete the TDS.

Step 3: Team coach debriefs the team leader and the team with the TDS Report

Step 4: Creation of a Development Plan and/or Team Coaching

Step 5: Implementation of the Plan

Key Benefits of the Team Diagnostic Survey

  • World class research underpinnings by top scholars on global teams and teaming.

  • Widely validated on thousands of teams in a diverse range of industries, sectors and organisational levels.

  • Predicts up to 80% of a team's effectiveness on 3 criteria.

  • Provides team leaders, team members and team coaches with the most powerful levers for increasing team success.

  • Identifies 6 conditions (3 Essential and 3 Enabling) that drive team effectiveness.

  • Guides teams in the design, launch and coaching phases of any team development effort.

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