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Life Trails Leadership Development Programme

We have developed a modular leadership programme to help build individuals in leadership positions into conscious, authentic and intentional leaders. Using the 5 point Life Trails Model, leaders can fast track their development. Contact us to learn more about the programme.

Pocket Personality Cards

Pocket Personality Cards are a useful new way of applying Personality Type. The cards provide practical tips for communicating with and influencing people of differing personality types. They are based on the globally popular Jungian personality type model made famous by instruments such as the Myers Briggs Type Indicator® and other similar tools. The cards are designed for users of Personality Type; facilitators, coaches, managers, team leaders, team members—in short, anyone who has a basic understanding of the 16 Types Model. Learn more about Pocket Personality Cards by visiting  the  Pocket Personality Cards Facebook page.

Dancing with Your Inner Wolves
Group Coaching Programme

Explore and Develop all aspects of your personality with this group coaching programme, based on Jungian personality theory. Identify and celebrate your Hero wolf and unpack the seven other wolves that live within you! This programme is currently under development.

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