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Emotional Intelligence Toolkits

Giving you the edge in a VUCA World
Research has demonstrated that Emotional Intelligence is one of the best known predictors of human performance. 71% of hiring managers in a 2011 survey stated they valued EQ over IQ. The importance of Emotional Intelligence is increasingly becoming recognised by employers worldwide.
Developing Emotional Intelligence in the workplace will give employees a significant advantage in allowing them to more easily navigate a world the increasingly more volatile, unpredictable, complex and ambiguous.
These workshops present a unique opportunity for employees, team members and leaders to learn how to develop and leverage effective emotional skills to become more emotionally resilient, better problem solvers, more assertive and more optimistic.

"When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but with creatures of emotion." -Dale Carnegie

What You'll Learn

These one day workshops are an opportunity to:
  • Learn core skills to boost your own emotional intelligence capabilities
  • Develop techniques to perceive, understand and leverage your emotions in a positive way
  • Increase your capability to manage your own and others' emotions and behaviour
  • Commit to an action plan for your own emotional skill development
  • Receive an opportunity to complete a validated emotional intelligence instrument (Optional)

Emotional Intelligence Toolkit for the Workplace

This workshop helps you develop basic techniques in Emotional Intelligence to enable you to function optimally in everyday workplace situations. You will be introduced to the 15 scales of the EQi 2.0 Framework of Emotional Intelligence created by Reuven Bar-On. Using self assessments, group exercises and discussions, case studies and reflective sessions, you will leave with greater understanding of emotional intelligence and how to leverage these skills in the workplace. At the end of the workshop, you will create an action plan for developing these skills.

Where We Run This

Auckland iconic.jpg

Auckland, NZ

12th September 2019

CCS Disability Action 

14 Erson Avenue

Royal Oak, Auckland 



23rd October 2019

M.A.D. School at Chatsworth Medi@rt Academy

Riverside Point, #03-22, Singapore

If you would like us to run this programme in your city, send us an email at

Emotional Intelligence Toolkit for Teams

This one day workshop helps you develop Emotional Intelligence techniques for optimal performance on a team. We will focus on the most relevant scales on the EQi 2.0 framework for teamwork using self assessments, group exercises and discussions, case studies and reflective sessions. You will create an action plan to leverage these skills for more effective team work.

Emotional Intelligence Toolkit for Leaders

This one day workshop equips leaders with the six most important Emotional Intelligence skills on the EQi 2.0 framework to function as fully conscious leaders. We use self assessments, group exercises and discussions, case studies and reflective sessions to enable you to leverage these skills. You will also learn about the four leadership pillars (Authenticity, Coaching, Insight and Innovation) and how they connect directly with specific emotional intelligence skills. You will create an EI Development Commitment and an action plan to develop these skills.
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